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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
One of the things I was looking forward to about being pregnant was maternity photos. I mean, they are absolutely the cutest. I love pictures, at least once a year I make Jonathan get professional portraits done with me to include in our Christmas cards. Do my friends and family REALLY need a picture of Jonathan, Daisy and I every year? Probably not. But I still do it. 

When we were still researching adoption, well before I made the initial call, I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest that was basically the equivalent of maternity photos. And I was, (of course!) completely in love with the idea. 

We decided it was probably a good idea to wait until we were actually APPROVED to have pictures done. And when I say "we," I mean Jonathan said we couldn't do it right away and we needed to wait until we were approved. And it made sense. So I had to tell him he was right. Which isn't my favourite thing to do... ;-)

Anyways, long story short, a couple weeks ago I decided that things seemed like they were wrapping up and that September would be a great time to have some pictures done. So I did it, I booked a photographer. Someone I've never used before, but someone who came highly recommended and whose work I really like. 

I can't wait for the session, and I can't wait to share the pictures with you all. 

PS: You can check out the photographer I'm using here. :-)

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